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The Chaos Of Church Service With A Toddler

Our little family always attends a Christmas Eve candle light service as a part of our Christmas traditions. Usually, we travel to Stephen's parents' house and go to their home church, but this year, we spent Christmas Eve at home, just the four of us. We decided to try a larger church near our house for the first time and also chose to keep our two boys with us for the service. Well, we made it through about the opening prayer before Ryan, our littlest, needed to step out into the lobby. Thankfully, the church we visited had several TVs that streamed the service and plenty of fold-out seats set up in the lobby for overflow visitors. We watched, we walked around, we pointed at wreaths and other holiday decorations, and we braved the lighting of candles for about two minutes before Ryan got curious about the flame and then got mad because I instantly blew it out when he tried to grab it. Going to church with a toddler is quite a task- especially when your toddler is a w

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