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Comparison and the Lie of Having it All

Being a 27-year-old, married teacher with two very young children has put me in a unique position of being able to relate to many different types of people. I relate to the working parents, to the single millennials, to the wives, to the mom’s of babies, and then there are the people that have none of those things in common with me, but we’re friends anyway. This means that I get to observe and learn about what all these different types of people’s lives look like, which can be awesome! It also comes with this unimaginable pressure, mostly self-imposed pressure, to live as they live or to have what they have. It’s SO easy to compare and to want and to feel like we’re failing at when our lives don’t look as picture-perfect as what is portrayed on Instagram! I know I’m not alone in feeling this.
I have some friends who boast about their spontaneous 2 hour nap on a Saturday. They’re young, unmarried professionals who devote themselves to their friends, their jobs, and their hobbies. And g…

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