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When Plans Don't Go As Planned

It seems to be a theme in our lives. Mostly for me; I'm a micro-planner. If I'm not careful, I can spend hours a day just planning details of events or seasons of life that are years ahead of now. I can daydream up and set imaginary expectations of my boys elementary school years, teen years, my 10th or 20th year as a teacher, or the 10 year anniversary of our marriage. I can envision what life could be like in all of those seasons.

So naturally, after years of premature planning, when it finally came time to move our family to North Texas, I had every idea of exactly how it was going to lay out. I prayed faithfully. I read devotionals on promise and fulfillment. I took the steps necessary to ensure that this idea God had planted into our hearts would come alive... exactly how I wanted it to. I had a daycare lined up. I reached out to local mom groups, looked up pediatricians, and spoke with friends about where we should go to church. I basically had this next season of our l…

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