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Why Young Living?

For those of you who have dipped your toes in the essential oil world, you've probably heard of a couple of different brands of oils or perhaps you've tried them for yourself and already have a few personal favorites! There seem to be some pretty strong brand loyalties when it comes to essential oils and I can definitely relate. I've used several different brands of oils in my years of diffusing in my home. But there's definitely a reason that I've chosen stand behind Young Living as opposed to some of the other brands that are commonly used.

Let's start from the beginning. I was first introduced to essential oils via a friend from church who was a representative for Doterra. She had one of those "parties" or "classes" at her house where she basically explained what essential oils are and how to use some of the most common ones. This was all completely new to me. I got to smell a whole bunch of different oils and asked about a hundred quest…

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